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At AGS®, 2013 marked an aggressive surge in proprietary branded games, all on our lightning fast Roadrunner™ platform. In addition, our new cabinets and other innovative products have propelled AGS to highly competitive positions in both new and existing markets.

With roots in the gaming industry dating back to 1996, AGS and its predecessor companies, have been a manufacturer and operator of gaming machines with more than 8,000 units currently in operation and plans for aggressive expansion that will give casino operators new machine options and creative new content.

Based in Las Vegas, AGS’ current portfolio of products includes Class III and Class II machines, wide-area progressives and specialty games. AGS is a leader in the Class II space, providing video machines to tribal markets, and has offices or sales locations in Nevada, Illinois, Oklahoma, Florida and Canada, with a satellite service presence in a number of other jurisdictions. AGS’ current list of market approvals spans key jurisdictions from coast to coast and the company’s expansion plan is on target for new approvals that will give AGS a presence in every major market in the country, including Nevada and New Jersey.

AGS has introduced a new line of cabinets that showcases the new Roadrunner platform. It is widely considered one of the most advanced operating systems in the industry. Roadrunner is the engine powering creative new games and specialty titles that will include wheel-based bonuses and other innovative features that will appeal to players in every market.


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Dr. Olaf Vancura

VP of Game Development

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Our Executive Team

David Lopez,

President and Chief Executive Officer

“I’m super excited about our opportunity at AGS and look forward to working with our employees, suppliers and customers to transform the company into a formidable gaming supplier. The strengths of AGS are centered around product, platform, our licenses and the amount of white space, or opportunities, that we have in front of us. But most of all, it always comes down to people, because people are what drives the company, the great products, and our results.”

Ken Bossingham,

Chief Operating Officer

“I am very pleased to be working for a dynamic company with great team of employees that is poised to take advantage of the many opportunities available across the gaming space. AGS is dedicated to continuing to build the business synergies with our core customers in the Class 2 segment, while looking to parlay this success selectively across the Class 3 space. My 15 years of gaming experience in sales, operations and game development fits nicely with our primary corporate goal of providing gaming content that delivers a wonderful complete entertainment experience to the player while striving to be “Best in Class” in exceeding the business requirements of the casino operator.”

Curt Mayer,

Chief Financial Officer

“AGS has grown tremendously since I came onboard in 2011. We’ve made a number of changes which have lead to a well capitalized and more efficient company. We are really cranking on all cylinders right now. We are lucky to have such a great base of customers who view us as partners rather than adversaries. It’s these types of relationships that are going to make us successful in the long run.”

Dr. Olaf Vancura,

Vice President of Game Development

“The phrase “Honor the Player” is at the core of our game development philosophy.

Each team member is encouraged to constantly keep the player in mind. We are striving to set the standard in content and game development in both Toronto & Las Vegas.”


Vic Gallo,

General Counsel

“It is great to be with a company that is growing its base of licensed jurisdictions and is readily licensable at every turn. We are now in the final stages of obtaining approvals for the major commercial jurisdictions in North America which positions AGS for more growth than ever.”

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